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2460Re: [tracker2] Re: gps-18 lvc problem

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  • Scott Miller
    Oct 29, 2007
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      The OT2m (the production model, anyway) has ferrite chips on the board,
      so the filtered DB9 isn't as big an advantage. Of course, it never hurt!

      I'd have made them standard, but I haven't found them at a decent price
      yet. I still pay probably 3 times as much for the filtered version.
      Doing the ferrite chips on the board was cheap, though.

      I've gotten my soldering technique down pretty well for the GPS
      receivers. It helps to tin the wires well first, and make sure you
      don't have any stray strands. Put some solder in the cups (not so much
      that it flows all over) and add a little flux, then heat up each one and
      slip the tinned wire in. I always cover them over with hot melt glue to
      reduce strain on the connections. Works great, but if it does fail
      you've basically got to cut the whole thing off and start over.

      Waiting for the UPS guy right now to see if the next batch of enclosures
      is going to show up today...


      David Gibson wrote:
      > It is working now. Thinking I must have a connection problem I cut the
      > connector and a bit of cable off then soldered on a new db9 and it
      > connected right away. After it works a while I'll go back and put the
      > other connector on, it's one of the db9's I bought with the ot2m with
      > ferrite around the pins, I can probably use the rf supression. This
      > tracker works great!
      > Dave
      > --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:
      >> The pinouts are right. I've never had any trouble with the GPS-18.
      > Are
      >> you running in NMEA mode or Garmin mode? It should work in either, but
      >> NMEA is the default for the 18 LVC.
      >> I just hooked one up last night and I remember that it was getting an
      >> 'invalid' flash before it locked on.
      >> Scott
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