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2457gps-18 lvc problem

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  • David Gibson
    Oct 29, 2007
      I replaced my tinytrack with the OT2m this weekend and it works great
      when using my Garmin eTrex gps. When I connected the Garmin GPS-18
      LVC, it either doesn't work at all, or I get erroneous coordinates. My
      gps/db9 connections are:

      All black wires to pin 5
      Red wire (Vin) to pin 4
      Green wire (Rcv) to pin 3
      White wire (Txd) to pin 2

      I have been using the GPS-18 with the tinytrak for 2 years or more
      with no problems. I verified the voltage select jumper was on 5 and
      not 12 before connecting. When I turn on the OT2m I don't see the
      steady flashing red led until the gps locks like on the etrex. What am
      I missing?

      dave ka5j
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