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2262Re: [tracker2] Problems decoding T2 transmissions

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  • Wes Johnston, AI4PX
    Oct 2, 2007
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      Last night we found an issue with KISS mode on port a and not port b.  Turning on port b allowed packets sent to wide1-1 and wide2-1 to be digipeated.  Prior to that, only packets sent to kc4pl would be digipeated.... weird.
      I'm running a kpc3 here at my place, the T2 is on the shelf waiting to be hooked to a portable GPS tracker.
      What I have noticed is that I see to be much less likely to decode packets digi'ed by the T2 than packets that were digi'ed by kc4pl's other TNC a tnc-x.  As I mobile around town and transmit with my kenwood, I see a full scale return on my packets, but don't decode them in QTH's that I used to get digipeated.  Typically, I stand a better chance of decoding if I'm sitting still, but that isn't always true.  The T2 seems to hear me (mobile) just fine.
      I've listened to the packets from the T2 and they have a high timbre and gale says he saw the high tone having greater deviation than the low tone on his service monitor... and I'm also hearing a fair number of flags in the start of the packet.  My home station will decode his T2 with a TX delay of 120ms, but he upped it to 150ms.  This has me really kinda stumped.

      On 10/1/07, Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:

      Which packets does it not decode? There *is* some difference in the
      timing for some types - telemetry and position packets, for example, get
      composed on the fly, and if I do it wrong it can introduce too much
      error in the bit timing. Digipeated packets and KISS packets, among
      others, are transmitted straight from a buffer and should have perfect

      If it's only status or position packets that don't show up, it'd be
      useful to have your exact configuration to see if I can track down any
      timing errors your configuration might have revealed.


      gdw wrote:
      > Weird problem here with my new T2 digi. I see it transmitting as
      > expected (and the rx side is great) but my D700 does not decode it. And
      > here is the weird part, if I set the D700's path to the call of my digi,
      > I receive and decode the packet just fine. Per my service monitor my
      > average deviation is 3.2 Khz (calibrate alt). I am running it in kiss
      > mode with Javaprssrvr.
      > Any ideas?
      > Gale
      > KC4PL

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