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2260Re: [tracker2] Problems decoding T2 transmissions

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  • Scott Miller
    Oct 1, 2007
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      Which packets does it not decode? There *is* some difference in the
      timing for some types - telemetry and position packets, for example, get
      composed on the fly, and if I do it wrong it can introduce too much
      error in the bit timing. Digipeated packets and KISS packets, among
      others, are transmitted straight from a buffer and should have perfect

      If it's only status or position packets that don't show up, it'd be
      useful to have your exact configuration to see if I can track down any
      timing errors your configuration might have revealed.


      gdw wrote:
      > Weird problem here with my new T2 digi. I see it transmitting as
      > expected (and the rx side is great) but my D700 does not decode it. And
      > here is the weird part, if I set the D700's path to the call of my digi,
      > I receive and decode the packet just fine. Per my service monitor my
      > average deviation is 3.2 Khz (calibrate alt). I am running it in kiss
      > mode with Javaprssrvr.
      > Any ideas?
      > Gale
      > KC4PL
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