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2256Re: [tracker2] Problems decoding T2 transmissions

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  • gdw
    Sep 30, 2007
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      The normal path from the car is Wide 1-1, Wide2-1.

      As for which packets I am seeing direct, etc I am going to have to do
      some more testing. I will probably have to try working with the other
      digi owner in town (Wes, AI4PX) so I can see what the difference we are
      seeing between our 2 systems. He is running a basic digi with an OT2
      also I believe (And yes, mine is an OT2, I just get in the habit of
      calling it a T2 and type out TNC2 without thinking).

      As for putting the T2 into stand alone mode that is on my list of things
      to try. As for the JavAprs messing up the packets, I can't see why it
      would send back any packets that were good just because it was addressed
      to the digi call vs the normal path type info.

      I just thought I would see what ideas I could get from others as it is
      not making any obvious sense in what it is doing. I could see no packet
      being decoded at all if it was deviation or twist, but not some packets
      and not others when the basic payload would be the same on the output side.

      Oh well, I hope to get a chance to look into it some more over the next
      couple of days.

      Thanks for your help so far, it has given me some more areas to look into.

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