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2255Re: [tracker2] Problems decoding T2 transmissions

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  • James Ewen
    Sep 30, 2007
      On 9/30/07, gdw <gdw@...> wrote:

      >In the car I seem to see normal activity in terms of what I see
      decoded from other

      Are these packets direct, digipeated via other infrastructure in the
      area, or digipeated by the OT2?

      > But if I force a beacon, while I see the reply on the S Meter, I do not get a decode
      > or a my packet beep with my normal path.

      What outgoing path are you using? Where is the reply coming from? Is
      it being digipeated by the OT2, or some other digipeater in the area?
      Can you watch the data on another system to see what is happening?

      > But if I change the path to the call sign of the Digi, I get a solid my packet beep as
      > expected.

      The Digi being the OT2/JavAprsSrvr combo in your house?

      > I guess that the next thing to look at is if I am actually decoding other stations via the digi
      > on the D700 also.

      As asked above... you need to know exactly what is happening so you
      can make the proper assumptions about what you are observing.

      > I first thought that it might be the radio itself (deviation or tone "twist") but pretty much
      > ruled that out when I got the expected response from the directed packet.

      Try this... remove part of the system. Connect the OT2 up to the Yaesu
      radio, and configure the OT2 to act as a digipeater. (I am assuming
      that you have an OT2, not a TNC2 since this is the OT2 list) Try
      bouncing packets through this set up and see if you can decode your
      packets then.

      I am suspecting there may be something misconfigured in the
      JavAprsSrvr software that may be corrupting the packet, which in turn
      makes it ignored by the the D700.

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