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2252Re: [tracker2] Problems decoding T2 transmissions

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  • James Ewen
    Sep 30, 2007
      On 9/29/07, gdw <gdw@...> wrote:
      > Weird problem here with my new T2 digi. I see it transmitting as
      > expected (and the rx side is great) but my D700 does not decode it. And
      > here is the weird part, if I set the D700's path to the call of my digi,
      > I receive and decode the packet just fine.

      Are you saying that if you set the outgoing path on the D700 to the
      callsign of the OT2, the D700 will decode the packets received from
      the OT2?

      If the outgoing path of the D700 is anything else, the D700 will not
      decode packets from the OT2?

      If that's the case, then I too agree that it is indeed weird. How can
      the outgoing path of the D700 affect the receive/decoding of the

      Are you basing this on any packet sent/digipeated by the OT2, or on
      packets sent from the D700, and heard back as a digipeat echo?

      Can you decode beacons and position reports originated from the OT2,
      and or packets digipeated by the OT2 that come from stations other
      than you D700?

      Just trying to determine the exact input and output parameters that
      you are observing.

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