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2143Re: [tracker2] Tracker2 proto E docs?

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  • Scott Miller
    Sep 6, 2007
      4800 baud is the default, but yeah, the T2-135 manual covers most of the

      I need to get the manual updated and posted...


      Dan wrote:
      > Okay, I just received my proto E board (thanks for your patience on the
      > bad address, Scott) but I didn't get any docs with it.
      > That's not a big deal, I know this is beta, and that makes it even more
      > fun for me, but I just need a start...can anyone point me to where I
      > need to be looking for them? I don't expect them to be complete.
      > Actually..how about this: can someone just tell me, can I just connect
      > to the serial port at 9600, 8N1 with a null modem and expect to talk to
      > it with the T2-135 command set?
      > Just need the initial jump start..then I'll be fine.
      > Thanks,
      > -Dan N7NMD
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