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2121Re: [tracker2] Re: status problems (in findu, too)

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  • P. Suryono Adisoemarta
    Sep 2 2:53 AM
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      --- Chris Kantarjiev <cak@...> wrote:

      > The setup here is that there's a WRT54 running
      > arps4r acting as
      > the digi/igate; it uses the T2 as a TNC. The T2
      > generates the
      > status packet directly; it gets digi'd by OKHRST,
      > and comes back
      > to be igate'd

      Ok, I was bored this afternoon so I thought I want to
      duplicate your problem on my T2 that is acting as a
      digi, TKUSIR.

      My T2 (actually a T2-135) is permanently installed as
      a digi, and also doing as a WX station. So I hook this
      board up to a ubuntu laptop running aprsd to do
      perform as an igate .

      The status packets from the T2 is digipeated by a
      Kenwood D700 then comes back to the T2 and gets

      I see no trailing garbage on TKUSIR's status packets,
      unlike on yours.


      00.9V 14C

      Hope that helps,

      73 de Paulus - N5SNN / YD0NXX

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