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2118Re: APRS messages to T2

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  • Chris Kantarjiev
    Sep 1, 2007
      Would be very useful for me to access/control a remote T2 that is
      connected to the only igate near it :-) The message goes out to RF
      from the IGATE, via the T2, but is never digi'd so the T2 can hear it.

      Perhaps when you work on getting the status packets, etc, to go down
      the KISS channel, this could get done, too...


      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:
      > No, not at this point - it doesn't do any parsing of the KISS frames.
      > Might not be too hard to do, but I'd have to make sure it didn't
      > interfere with the digi function and everything.
      > Scott
      > Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Will a T2 understand messages that are addressed to it, but come
      in over
      > > the KISS interface?
      > >
      > >
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