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2Re: [tracker2] Temperature stability

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  • Curt Mills
    Mar 14, 2006
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      On Tue, 14 Mar 2006 scott@... wrote:

      > If anyone wants KISS mode firmware, let me know and I'll get a file uploaded
      > for testing. Digipeating probably won't be ready for testing until this
      > weekend.

      I'm definitely interested in testing the KISS firmware. Problem is,
      I don't even know what the board looks like yet...

      > One issue that's come up with the current T2 design is that some GPS
      > receivers like the GPS 3+ require true RS-232 levels to work right. That's
      > going to require either an external adapter board, or a transceiver chip on
      > the T2. I can probably squeeze one in, but it'll raise the cost by around
      > $2, and the power consumption by 5 to 10 mA.

      Most devices these days will work with 0-5V or even 0-3V. I'd make
      it an external board and keep the T2 small/light.

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