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1898Re: [tracker2] Hooking up to LaCrosse Weather Station

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  • P. Suryono Adisoemarta
    Jul 6, 2007

      as the feature is still supported on the board, can I just cut P10 and
      P11 on CN2 of the T2-135 board, then run a cable sneaking out of the
      radio (I'm still figuring out if there is a hole to pass the cable thru)
      then solder a DB9, and would be able to use my weather station on the
      Serial B ?

      Thanks, Paulus

      'Scott Miller' wrote:
      > And electrically it's not going to work either. I've been trying to
      > avoid having to maintain a separate firmware load for the T2-135, so
      > that means either leaving in some features that don't make sense (like
      > that one) or adding logic to check the hardware configuration, which
      > adds extra code.
      > Scott
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      > While re-reading the T2-135 manual last night I noticed that BMODE
      > also
      > has the option for WS2300, now the question is how's one hook the
      > weather station up thru the front panel GPS jack, as there is no DATA
      > OUT line, and the weather station expects an init command before it
      > spits out the current weather data.
      > thanks,
      > Paulus - N5SNN/YD0NXX
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