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1891RE: [tracker2] Re: Hyper Terminal not playing

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  • 'Scott Miller'
    Jul 5, 2007
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      I'll keep that one in mind.  Does it do XMODEM?  Has anyone tried it with the T2's firmware upload command?

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      On 7/5/07, Scott Miller <scott@opentrac. org> wrote:

      >Anyone know of a good freeware terminal program for Windows that I could link
      >to, and maybe include on my driver CDs? I use SecureCRT myself, but it's not
      >free and has export restrictions.

      I use TeraTerm. It has been stable since 1998, and still works
      great... It is a free program that is copyrightten by the author, but
      is can be distributed for free. Copyright information is available in
      the source code.

      http://hp.vector. co.jp/authors/ VA002416/ teraterm. html

      There is no warranty for damages caused by using this package.

      Without written permission by the author (Takashi Teranishi), you may
      not distribute modified versions of this package, and may not distribute
      this package for profit.

      You may not copy any file, module, subroutine and resource
      in this package to create commercial products (including sharewares),
      without written permission by the author.

      If you want to distribute modified versions of Tera Term widely,
      you need also the permission.


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