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1860RE: [tracker2] Hooking up to LaCrosse Weather Station

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  • 'Scott Miller'
    Jul 1, 2007
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      Then you probably need to use the otwincfg program.  I can't recall at the moment if there's an easy way to get out of LaCrosse mode - I know I set it up so that you can get out of Garmin mode by hitting enter several times, but I don't think I made that universal.

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      Subject: Re: [tracker2] Hooking up to LaCrosse Weather Station

      Now the next question, how to get out of this mode?

      I set the Tera Term program to 2400 bps, but couldn't get the prompt back.
      Now, unfortunately I don't have a TNC handy to access the console via RF
      and I don't believe I've set any permission to allow to login via RF.

      thanks, Paulus

      'Scott Miller' wrote:
      > AMODE WS2300
      > ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -
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      > --- 'Scott Miller' <scott@opentrac. org
      > <mailto:scott% 40opentrac. org>> wrote:
      > > I haven't tried using a LaCrosse station with the
      > > T2-135, but it *should*
      > > work. You'll need a null modem adapter, though -
      > > the same you'd use to
      > > connect a GPS receiver.
      > Thanks, I'll try this weekend.
      > And what command to execute to enable it?
      > thanks, Paulus / N5SNN

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