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1686T2-135 lessons being learned

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  • Bruce W. Martin
    May 2, 2007
      So, I got my T2-135 and installed it. Easy.
      After a few hours of trying different serial cables and different
      computers realized I needed to put the DR-135 in data mode to talk to
      the T2.

      Great! I can make changes with my Mac using Zterm or use the latest OT
      configuration program on Windows. I need to find something other than
      minicom for Linux.

      Hooked up the GPS and an antenna and it tracked great.

      Wanted to see how long the tracker would last on low power with a 3 year
      old UPS 7AH battery. Not as long as I hoped. Set it up in the truck as I
      went to work. Left it running with smart beaconing at about 90 minutes
      while moving slow. After work I found the radio power cycling. While
      under load the battery would drop below some voltage threshold and the
      radio would turn off. Immediately the voltage would go up some now that
      there was no load and the radio would turn on. This cycle went on for
      who knows how long. Probably a few hours.

      Now I can't communicate with the T2-135. Have I killed it? Is there a
      way I can get it back to default condition?

      Bruce, KQ4TV
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