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16789Re: [tracker2] 1-persistence

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  • Jason KG4WSV
    Aug 17 6:00 PM
      In connected packet mode p-persistence may make more sense.

      1-persistence actually does make a lot of sense for APRS network where the entire session is usually a single packet, and the FM capture effect generally works to our advantage.

      Even though you seem to be located at the precise midpoint (RF-power wise) between two digis is unfortunate, but in general that seems extremely unlikely. Maybe a cardioid antenna is in your future?

      You keep bringing up the foxtrak, but honestly until you brought it up here I'd never heard of it.  What does the audio look like on a scope?  I seem to recall the TT having some ugly sounding audio.

      As far as "UIDIGI on a Z80" setting a standard: the way it is used in APRS infrastructure, it's a cautionary tale for network designers on how _not_ to try and extract modern layer 3 functionality out of obsolete layer 2 devices.

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