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16670Re: [tracker2] Should T3-Mini turn green led on on receive?

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  • William Macris
    Jun 24, 2014
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      Try running the radio with squelch disabled so that it always produces audio.

      Otherwise there is a time delay for the radio to detect a signal and open the squelch. This will definitely cause the tracker to miss the start of the data packet. That's the most likely source of your trouble. The tracker will only hear the end of the packet. It's like when listening to a weaker repeater or simplex where you need to adjust squelch so it doesn't cut out.

      Hope that is the answer! Even if not, you will still want to run the input with no squelch because it will otherwise truncate the packets which will pretty much ensure failures.

      Willie/ AC0UK

      On Jun 24, 2014 1:17 PM, "yt9tp@... [tracker2]" <tracker2@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I've set T3-Mini as APRS in KISS mode connected to APRSIS. Speaker out from radio goes to AIN on T3-Mini board.

      When there is a remote APRS signal, radio turns squelch off and I can hear packet tone. But when I connect T3-Mini it does not show any signs of receving. Neither it kights green led not it sends anything to APRSIS to indicate it receive signal.

      Checked connections and I am sure that audio signal from radio goes to AIN pin. Tried low and resonably high level of audio signal. Also tried to turn software DCD in T3-Mini.hing helped.

      Am I doing something wrong with T3-Mini? Any help?

      Pedja YT9TP

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