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16649RE: [tracker2] OTWINFG Problem

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  • Fred Hillhouse Jr
    Jun 24, 2014

      Are you using the same cable used before?

      Do you need a null cable when connecting that to a PC?


      Best regards,

      Fred N7FMH





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      Subject: [tracker2] OTWINFG Problem



      i have an Alinco DR-135 with the argent tracker installed. the radio hasn't
      been used in quite some time and I'm trying to get it set up to replace an
      older radio that's on it's last legs on my home APRS station. when I run
      OTWINCFG, click CONNECT and then power on the radio nothing happens. the
      message on OTWINCFG instructs me to re-set the tracker. as I said the radio
      has been on the shelf for several years now and I seem to recall all I
      needed to do at that time was cycle the radio's power. tried that, same
      result. I have verified that COM1 is the port in use on the laptop I
      normally use with the tracker. tried a different PC...same result. tried
      HyperTerminal...same result.


      rich, n9dko
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