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16487Re: [tracker2] GPS units that do not have duplicate waypoint issue?

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  • Barry Lankford
    Apr 8, 2014
    On 4/8/2014 10:16 AM, Jason KG4WSV wrote:
    > On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 6:36 AM, Barry Lankford <BarryL@...> wrote:
    >> Your GPSMAP60C probably *did* work correctly -- once upon a time. You
    >> probably fell victim to "unnecessary upgrade temptation."
    > Nope, been around computers _way_ too long for that. I don't upgrade
    > firmware unless there's a bug that is causing a problem for me
    > personally.

    I found some batteries, so was able to power my 76CS up and see what S/W I
    was running. Then I couldn't remember how to display the firmware version,
    so I eventually recalled that the Garmin has debug and diagnostic screens.
    I brought up the diagnostic screen (see attachments), and I see that I'm
    running ver.4.00, and I know for a fact that it moves duplicate waypoints
    and does not leave a trail of renamed waypoints. BTW, there's also a
    screen capture function, called "xImage," but it was easier to take a
    direct photo of the screen with my tablet rather than dig through the dark
    recesses of my brain to figure that out again. I also found I *do* still
    have at least six of the firmware upgrade files from ver.3.60 to ver.4.20,
    including the one for ver.4.00. As far as I can see, Garmin doesn't
    mention the change in the way duplicate waypoints are dealt with in the
    revision history. I can send you any and all of the files, but I'd rather
    you determine for yourself that 76C files are the same as 60C files.

    I found out through experiment that when a duplicate waypoint is received,
    the only thing that gets changed is the location and altitude (and possibly
    the date/time stamp). The symbol remains the same. So, you can pre-set a
    symbol for an ARHAB balloon and multiple symbols for chase team members and
    they will remain the same even when updated. You don't want to have a
    large number of waypoints moving around as screen updates start to become
    untenable. That's why I asked Scott and Byon a long time ago to include a
    "filtercall" function in their trackers that receive and decode posits. I
    eventually wrote a PalmOS program to do that.

    >> PS, I thought the 60C/76C series *did* speak PGRMW.
    > I thought so, too. I thought I loaded Scott's custom symbol set to it
    > and everything (back before I killed my T2 hacking around on it). It
    > is entirely possible that I switched to garmin binary mode to
    > accomplish this, though...

    I also made up a set of custom symbols, mostly ham-related. IIRC the same
    program that does screen captures also up- & down-loads symbols.

    I also have the official Garmin I/O Software Development Kit, as well as
    documents for Garmin NMEA sentences, Garmin Proprietary NMEA sentences and
    Garmin Proprietary Binary protocol (USB and EIA232). The latter was
    completely unexpected when they released it. Until then, the only thing
    available for the binary protocol was a couple of reverse-engineered documents.

    >> Are you certain it
    >> doesn't?
    > Nope, but it honored all the other NMEA sentences I sent to it.

    It turns out the User Manuals for the Garmin GPSes tell what NMEA sentences
    they use (in an appendix), including the proprietary NMEA ones. The 76C
    does use "some" PGRMx sentences, but PGRMW isn't one of them.

    > -Jason
    > kg4wsv

    I don't recall how this forum handles attachments, so I'll also address
    this to your direct email. I can also send the other documents I mentioned.

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