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16479Re: [tracker2] GPS units that do not have duplicate waypoint issue?

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  • Barry Lankford
    Apr 8, 2014
      On 4/6/2014 5:15 PM, Jason KG4WSV wrote:
      > I thought when I used my (old) Garmin GPSMAP 60C with the tracker2,
      > they waypoints behaved correctly.
      > I'm hacking out some software of my own that generates waypoints, and
      > it seems a) multiple GPWPL sentences with the same name results is a
      > waypoint trail, and b) this old unit doesn't speak PGRMW. I guess the
      > good behavior I saw with the T2 was a result of Garmin binary mode?
      > Or maybe I just don't remember correctly? (nah, couldn't be that....)
      > Anyway, does anyone have suggestions for handheld (e.g.
      > trail/hiking/etc style) mapping units that handle multiple waypoints
      > correctly? Or units that have the problem so I know what to avoid?
      > Ideally I'd like to use it with a T3, D7, xastir, my own software,
      > etc.
      > thanks,
      > Jason
      > kg4wsv

      Hey Jason,

      Your GPSMAP60C probably *did* work correctly -- once upon a time. You
      probably fell victim to "unnecessary upgrade temptation." My GPSMAP76CS
      (same firmware) still does work correctly because I didn't apply the
      updated firmware that Garmin put out that 'broke' it (and I knew what you
      meant by 'behaving correctly' when I read the first sentence). It was
      several years ago, and may have even been the very last firmware update
      that Garmin did for the GPSMAP60/76C(S) series that broke it. Seems like,
      IIRC, the only thing that 'upgrade' did was fix some foreign language
      thing, like maybe the handling of text for double-byte languages (I always
      read the "what's new" part of the revision history, if one is provided).

      I figured I would probably never need to use double-byte languages, and I
      definitely preferred my waypoints to move rather than leave a trail, so I
      let that one pass me by (and I don't think there were any more). I don't
      recall what the 'last good update' was called (version number), and I don't
      know if I still have a copy of the file for that version, but if you can
      find it, you can almost certainly go back to the good one.

      My GPSMAP76CS doesn't have batteries in it right now, and I'm not exactly
      sure where the power/data cable is at the moment either, so I can't readily
      power it up and read the version in the splash screen. But, maybe later
      today I'll have a chance to try to do that.

      Also, I think that version came out when I was using different computers
      than I am now (and those old computers no longer work/exist), so I'm not
      even sure I still have a copy of the 'good' firmware, but I'll try to look
      around for that later, too.

      I think I remember that there was a 3rd party GPS site that had several
      versions of firmware for that series, but I can't think of the URL or even
      a good search term to Google for it. Maybe it'll come to me later.

      PS, I thought the 60C/76C series *did* speak PGRMW. Are you certain it
      doesn't? Also, Garmin released a specification for their proprietary
      command/response protocol several years ago that surely provides greater
      control than NMEA waypoint sentences do. You might even be able to specify
      the symbol and delete waypoints that way.
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