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16473Re: OTB-USB

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  • captnkliegle
    Apr 6, 2014
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      Crap, I hate this new format of Yahoo groups!

      Lets try again:

      Is the Simplex slide switch on back of radio set to SIMPLEX?

      Are you on high power? Whopping 1.5 watts on high BTW, NOT 5 watts like 'new' HT's. On low, it's 150mW.

      What do you hear with another radio on 144.39 WHEN the red LED illuminates during TX?

      What's the TXdelay set to?

      Do you have a callsign so we can look your address up on QRZ.com and locate the nearest digipeater to you on APRS.fi?

      Essentially,  we need more data to help you find the problem.

      Lets see if I can get this to get posted...

      73 de Kriss KA1GJU-X   X=INT(9)

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