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16464T3-mini decoding problem with Moto GM300

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  • ve2onr
    Apr 6, 2014
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      Hi Folks,


      I've been playing around with a T3-mini for a while and have successfully configure it as an I-Gate (VE2ONR-13) using an Icom IC-2200H. I'm currently building a portable digipeater for events and want to use a Motorola GM300 but can't get the T3 to decode weeks packets. I've trided to hook up the Audio-in to the discriminator output and even to the AF signal (use for headset on the mic front connertor) with poor results. After intense testing, I came up with the conclusion of an audio level issue. I seem the T3-miniis a little bit deaf and need a realy strong audio signal (around 1V).


      Have you encounter the same problem and does somebody found a solution? I'm currently out of ressources to solve this issue.


      Thanks a lot andf have a nice day,


      Fred VE2ONR

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