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16454Re: [tracker2] Tracker 2 and Nuvi 350: help me

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  • Hamer
    Apr 3, 2014
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    Awesome; thank you... I updated the firmware to 6.2.  I'm still getting the issue...  When it starts up, the ACT light blinks red while its "finding satellites" as soon as it gets a lock, the light starts blinking green.  3 short bursts, a pause, and it starts again.  If it were morse code it looks like     eee eee eee eee eee   at 5 WPM.  Even after it gets a lock, it never transmits, and does not reply to --info.

    The firmware Im running is 55506

    Here is the config.

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    I'd start by upgrading the 350s to the very latest firmware version - I know it's more recent than 6.0, and there have been FMI messaging bugs, including one that gets messages stuck in the queue.  It's just a standard USB A to mini B cable that you'll need to upgrade the firmware.

    On the tracker, double check your profile switching configuration - that's a frequent source of erratic behavior.  Even if both profiles are the same, if you've inadvertently set it to switch back and forth constantly it'll be dumping buffers and resetting ports all the time and dropping a lot of data.


    On 4/3/2014 7:34 PM, Hamer wrote:
    I need an intervention... I need an Elmer... I need someone to help this cowboy find a solution, either via a missing widget, or a very large firearm....

    I have no hair left to pull out.... I have been on a journey over the last several years trying to find a good, reliable mobile APRS station from a Nav system.

    I've purchased:

    2 Tracker2s,
    2 Nuvi 1300s
    2 Nuvi 1300 Garmin Cables

    After months and months of tinkering, this group suggested I replace the 1300s with 350s, so I bought:
    2 Nuvi 350's

    After weeks of frustrating tinkering, I was informed, I needed different serial cables, so I bought:
    2 new garmin serial cables

    After weeks of frustrating tinkering, I was told, I needed to supply power to the back via a cradle, in addition to the serial cable on the side, so I purchased:
    2 additional Nuvi 350s that came with cradles.

    In addition to all this, I find out I'm running old firmware and need a special USB cable (Which I bought) to upgrade the firmware...

    In parallel, I've also purchased 2 Tiny Track3's a Tiny Track 4, and 3 Etrex GPS's, only to find out the Etrex GPSs suck for navigation...

    So.. here I am, years down the road, and hundreds and hundreds of dollars spent and I still do not have 2 aprs stations that can reliably relay messages and position reports to each other.

    As it is right now, the only way I can make it work is with the Nuvi 1300s, but they bread-crumb worse than Hansel and Gretel... and the messages freeze up and don't get sent sometimes. I finally found a Nuvi 350 with software version 6.0, but even it does not work.  I get a blinking green activity light, but it never reports a position and when I try to send the T2 a message like --info it never gets there.  When i plug the 1300 in (with IT'S cable) it works as best as "normal" for the 1300, but it's not very reliable.

    Im told that the Nuvi 350's work flawlessly... and awesomely.. I have 4 of them... with 2 cables I purchased from Argent... what am I missing?

    I am so close, I can TASTE it... Im just missing one last detail....Your help is appreciated.

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