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16446Re: [tracker2] OTB-USB

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  • Sean O'Brien
    Apr 2, 2014
      You'll have to provide a bit more info for us here.

      If the tracker keys up the transmitter, it is likely trying to send a packet and the PTT wiring is correct, but there are a lot of steps between tracker and APRS.fi. Have you tried listening with another radio for your packet transmission? Double checked your transmit frequency on your radio? PL tones turned off? Are you within listening distance of an iGate? Have you set the volume jumper inside the OTUSB?

      Default settings can be restored via the Windows application. When you reload the firmware it'll ask if you want to load the default config. Starting from a clean slate, you'll need to set your call sign and some sort of transmit interval in addition to making sure there is something in the PATH variable.

      I'd suggest reading carefully through the user manual and checking the above items first.

      The OTUSB's are great little devices and I've used dozens of them without issue. Every device has its nuances.

      -Sean KJ6RQS

      On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 3:25 PM, <gregg_gary@...> wrote:

      Hi.  I'm new to the group.   Can anyone tell me how to get an Argent OT USB to work?   This device has been nothing but a problem since I got it.   I am using their GPS and running it to and old Icom O2AT HT using a Byonics cable for that radio that I was told would work.   It senses and locks onto the GPS satelites then goes into its' waiting mode.   It does key the transmitter but nothing shows on APRS/fi.   Does anyone have the default settings so I can see if I can geet this thing to light up?   Argent claims the default settings should work and on a callsign is required but evidently not.   Beginning to think the Byonics TT3 would have been a better choice...

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