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16445Re: [tracker2] OTB-USB

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  • Randy Love
    Apr 2, 2014
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      Before you go saying Argent products suck, I can say that you probably wouldn't have gotten any better results from a TT3.

      Since you are using an 02AT, you won't have a very powerful signal.

      If you look on aprs.fi, how far away are the nearest digi and igate from your location?

      Chances are that if you don't happen to be with 5 miles of a good digi/igate, you won't make it to aprs.fi with an 02AT into the rubber duck inside your house.

      I run several OT-USB's on HT's and with mobiles. The work great. I've run TT3's also, but the OTUSB is much more agile and can be controlled remotely. You can't do that with a TT3. 

      Anyway. Some troubleshooting items.
      While you are trying to get it up and going, go into the config program -> tuning and diagnostics and verify that the radio keys when you press the PTT button in the program. 
      If it's keying that way, listen to the tones and see if they sound distorted. Distorted tones will only add to your problems.

      Have you listened to the signal emitted by the 02AT to see if it sound ok?
      Can you tune to 144.39 and hear other aprs traffic? Do your tones sound similar in loudness?

      While you are testing, you can set the OTUSB to interval beaconing and set it to 30 seconds or so. Once you've got it working, be sure to put it back into SmartBeaconing mode so that you're a good APRS neighbor.

      The OTUSB's are a sweet little device. The learn curve for setting up aprs devices is steep. Be patient. You'll get it going.


      PS. it helps if you sign your emails to the group with your name and callsign

      On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 6:25 PM, <gregg_gary@...> wrote:

      Hi.  I'm new to the group.   Can anyone tell me how to get an Argent OT USB to work?   This device has been nothing but a problem since I got it.   I am using their GPS and running it to and old Icom O2AT HT using a Byonics cable for that radio that I was told would work.   It senses and locks onto the GPS satelites then goes into its' waiting mode.   It does key the transmitter but nothing shows on APRS/fi.   Does anyone have the default settings so I can see if I can geet this thing to light up?   Argent claims the default settings should work and on a callsign is required but evidently not.   Beginning to think the Byonics TT3 would have been a better choice...

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