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  • gregg_gary
    Apr 2 3:25 PM
      Hi.  I'm new to the group.   Can anyone tell me how to get an Argent OT USB to work?   This device has been nothing but a problem since I got it.   I am using their GPS and running it to and old Icom O2AT HT using a Byonics cable for that radio that I was told would work.   It senses and locks onto the GPS satelites then goes into its' waiting mode.   It does key the transmitter but nothing shows on APRS/fi.   Does anyone have the default settings so I can see if I can geet this thing to light up?   Argent claims the default settings should work and on a callsign is required but evidently not.   Beginning to think the Byonics TT3 would have been a better choice...
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