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16427Re: Sharing T2 among UIView, RMS Express, terminal

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  • kd7iiw
    Mar 27, 2014
      What serial cable are you using to connect to your computer? Is UI-View the only program that will connect? USB to serial converter? or built in serial port? Operating System on the Computer?

      A single TNC can be used with multiple programs alright, the trouble is making sure they are all sending the right cmds to the tnc to get it initialized properly. The reason your ports are switching back to auto from Kiss mode, is because when the KISS exit cmds are sent to take it out of KISS mode, it puts the TNC back to auto, so as to allow the console or other port type to work correctly. For UI-View, in the Comms setup, there is a setup tab for the KISS mode, If you are switching between KISS programs, like RMS Express, and UI-View, you could set it so no enter or exit KISS cmds are given, and the ports will stay in KISS mode. But since you are using terminal also, you'll need it to go out of KISS mode to make things easier. At the end of the T2 Manual there are UI-View Settings Outlined for both modes.

      For RMS Express have you had any successful connections? I find I have to manually put the TNC into KISS mode after I initiate a packet session, and it thinks the TNC is ready. This is done after getting into the session and setting the correct port settings and for KISS mode, then click update. Then goto start menu and open up your hyperterminal program, or OTWINCFG, and set port A mode to KISS, Click write, then close. Now when you hit Start, it should run perfectly, until you close the session window(sends exit cmds automatically) and then you'd have to repeat that process. I know this is true on the T3 Series, so maybe the T2 is the same.

      Brandon - KD7IIW
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