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16416Using External Squelch and Low Voltge Inhibit Together

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  • kaleth
    Mar 24, 2014
      Is it possible to use the external squelch input and the low voltage inhibit at the same time?  I'm using an OpenTrackerUSB, firmware build 56412.  I can get either option working alone, but when I enable both options, I don't get any transmissions.  Toggling the squelch input and changing the voltage above and below the threshold has no effect, nor does having the USB port connected

      It will transmit if I switch to Profile 2 (via the "jumper" input), which doesn't have the low voltage inhibit enabled.  If I then switch back to Profile 1, it will continue to transmit.  If the voltage drops below the threshold, the transmissions stop, and will not restart when the voltage rises back above the threshold (unless I toggle the profiles again).

      Connecting via the console and using the INFO command, the voltage reads correctly, and the LED correctly indicates the squelch status, turning green when the squelch is active.

      Is there anything else I might be missing to get this setup to work?
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