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16397Intermittent problem between Nuvi 350 and T2-301

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  • Tony VE6MVP
    Mar 16, 2014

      I have an intermittent problem which is steadily becoming worse.    Sometimes it will happily work for 10 minutes or a half hour or stop working.  Sort of.  The symptoms are either
      1) No Fix appear on the packets telling me that NMEA data isn't making it to the T2-301
      2) Beaconing every two minutes but no position data
      2) Posn packets making it to my igate but the Nuvi is not displaying the new position or any new data from any other APRS object.

      If I do some combination of powering off the Nuvi and the T2-301 then it starts working again.  For a while. 

      If you go into my history at http://aprs.fi/?c=raw&call=VA6OO-9&limit=500&view=normal   you can get a small idea of what I'm seeing.  Note that the one or two packets with no position data are valid as I've just started my vehicle and the GPS hasn't yet located me.

      I have replaced the Nuvi 350 and the problem still happens.

      Tony  VA6OO
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