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16392Re: [tracker2] RE: UIView and Tracker2

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  • k0yg
    Mar 7, 2014
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      I will take this off the forum, and this will be my last response.  For those interested in the details:
      1) "Several" means 3 people locally with the same exact issue.
      2) It is not the KPC-3+ issue. I am aware of that issue and should have mentioned that.   I personally have this issue with a KPC3, KAM+, D700, D710 (internal TNC).  KISS mode or not makes no difference including different baud rates on 3 computers all running Win7 64 bit.  I do not know what OS or version the other people were running.  I don't recall if I tried it with my Tracker2 or not.  I suspect it would be no different since the issue seems not to be in the TNC.
      3) Restart at 3AM: This may work but it  would need to be more like every 4 hours.  Why should I have to do this? 
      4) UI-View32 ver 2.03 - yes, confirmed
      5) Documentation: I have several spreadsheets showing the issue from last fall.  I can share them if everyone will calm down and not flame me.  Otherwise forget it.
      6) I signed up for this forum many years ago with my old call and have not changed it (yet). Mea culpa!  
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