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16389Re: [tracker2] RE: UIView and Tracker2

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  • Keith VE7GDH
    Mar 7, 2014
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      Mark KC0D wrote…

      > be aware that UI-View has some major issues with Igating. Several of us have found that it delays packets when used it as an Igate…

      That is a blanket and unsubstantiated statement. If it was true, it would be obvious to all UI-View users, of which there are many.

      What are the operating systems of the "several of us" that observed this, and what hardware platforms were they using? Were they running UI-View32 ver 2.03? What TNCs were they using? It is well known that a KPC-3+ running in KISS mode will introduce delays, but after days of operation in a busy location. This is easily fixed by having UI-View restart e.g. at 3 am every day using the Schedule Editor.

      You are right about it being off topic for this list. The point would've been better raised over on the APRS SIG, or better yet, on the UI-View support list. Be prepared to substantiate your claims.

      73 Keith VE7GDH
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