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16381sharing audio with OT, DTMF decoder?

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  • Jason KG4WSV
    Mar 3, 2014
      So, what are the ramifications of sharing an audio input with an OT
      and an 8870 DTMF decoder? Do I need to go as far as a unity gain
      op-amp, or can I just tie 'em together, maybe with a couple of pots to
      attenuate in case one needs more signal than the other?

      Just wondering if anyone has done this already, and would be willing
      to share their results and save me some time.

      We've been operating a DTMF controlled balloon cutdown and an OT
      tracker by giving the DTMF the RX audio and the OT gets the TX audio,
      but with the T3 capabilities I'd like to give the T3 some RX audio as
      well. I know a T3 can do command and control, but the DTMF
      requirement remains. T3 command and control would be supplemental.