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16220Re: [tracker2] T3-mini smoked!

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  • Michael Wright
    Jan 3, 2014
      >If you want to send the dead board back we can replace the MCU (and
      >probably the regulator too).

      thanks, I didn't think board was repairable but then maybe you can also use it for forensic analysis of what happens when 12V is connected to 5Vout. It was a wiring mistake on my part.

      >On the other one, it may be that the polarity is set wrong on the port.

      is there some way to check if my second T3-mini? I've checked connections and voltage levels, and also compare these to my OT-USB which also has 4.5v to GPS unit.

      I even powered up the GPS receiver by just the unit itself without RS232 connections. Receiver shows both red and blue LED when powered by OT-USB but only red LED when powered by T3-mini. So far, I've powered the T3 only with 9v battery.

      Mike K6MFW
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