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16169Re: [tracker2] RE: OT3m misconfig and will not reset

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  • Scott Miller
    Dec 28, 2013
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      Not sure why port B is a problem, but for Arduino use I've got something else in the works - the Radio Shield 2 is using a variant of the OTUSB firmware and I've added a port mode that implements a serial API for access to various tracker functions.  Eventually the Arduino library will get updated and you'll be able to offload some functions to the tracker easily, and get stuff like parsed incoming packets.


      On 12/23/2013 5:43 PM, n9tkf1985@... wrote:

      I have a similar problem connecting to the OT3 USB when Port A is set to TEXT. I have to use the serial port as the OT3 USB will not connect via the USB on the OT3 USB. Firmware is 56348. Today I upgraded to the latest firmware 4-13-2013(didn't catch the firmware number) and same thing, no connectivity via USB when Port A is set to TEXT. I re-loaded Firmware 56348 back up as the new firmware was causing some issues with my text interface from an Arduino UNO board.

      Some background of how I am using the TEXT mode to send telemetry out of the OT3 USB. I generate the telemetry from an Arduino UNO that has two digital temperature  sensors connected to it. I  then send an APRS formatted telemetry packet in plain text out of the Arduino to the OT3 USB to port A followed by a CR/LF and the OT3 USB encodes the plain text and sends out the packet. This works great except I have never been able to get Port B to work in TEXT mode not sure why. I am looking into adding a weather station to port B but want to make sure it is functioning properly first. 

      73 John

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