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16153RE: OT2M and WS1

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  • wt9m
    Dec 25, 2013
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      Okay - almost a year later I finally got back to this project .
      Using WS1 to input 2400 baud data into B port on OT2M .
      Set OT2M port B to Auto , WT9M-8 symbol set to WX , transmit every 5 minutes , checked the snoop command and saw data . So should be good to go.

      I also set it up to be a two hop wide digipeater since this valley isn't too well served . I guess that was the main reason I messed around with this instead of leaving it just use the WS1 to do the transmitting wx data. I also have an LCD display connected to the OT2M so at least I can also monitor the stations it is receiving.

      I have the status set every 5 transmissions - does that mean that it will also send the wx data also during along with the data every 5 transmissions ? 

      Larry WT9M
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