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16150RE: OT3m misconfig and will not reset

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  • n9tkf
    Dec 23, 2013
      I have a similar problem connecting to the OT3 USB when Port A is set to TEXT. I have to use the serial port as the OT3 USB will not connect via the USB on the OT3 USB. Firmware is 56348. Today I upgraded to the latest firmware 4-13-2013(didn't catch the firmware number) and same thing, no connectivity via USB when Port A is set to TEXT. I re-loaded Firmware 56348 back up as the new firmware was causing some issues with my text interface from an Arduino UNO board.

      Some background of how I am using the TEXT mode to send telemetry out of the OT3 USB. I generate the telemetry from an Arduino UNO that has two digital temperature  sensors connected to it. I  then send an APRS formatted telemetry packet in plain text out of the Arduino to the OT3 USB to port A followed by a CR/LF and the OT3 USB encodes the plain text and sends out the packet. This works great except I have never been able to get Port B to work in TEXT mode not sure why. I am looking into adding a weather station to port B but want to make sure it is functioning properly first. 

      73 John
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