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16074T2-301 Intermittent beaconing problem solved. Hopefully.

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  • Tony VE6MVP
    Nov 29, 2013

      Lately I've been noticing that my T2-301 VHF data radio will only beacon intermittently.  It'd be fine for ten or twenty minutes and then stop working until my next stop.  I'd see No Fix sometimes on aprs.fi.   Sometimes -bea would beacon and sometimes it would get stuck.   What was puzzling me though is that new packets would arrive and be processed on the display.   Which you can verify by going into the list of stations, scrolling down and waiting.  As soon as a new packet arrives it refreshes the screen and goes back to the closest five objects.

      Then I finally happened to notice that the PL-259 connection to the BNC adapter was loose.  I hadn't tightened it enough.   Wiggled it and the beacon went out. 

      Did a bet of testing. It seems the T2-301 is smart enough that if there is no antenna it doesn't transmit and thus the -bea entered on the Nuvi just waits.

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