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16073Problems using Garmin Nuvi2595 with an OT2m

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  • Graham
    Nov 28, 2013
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      Does anyone have experience using the Nuvi 2595 or similar device with the OT2m?

      I've been using various tracker 2's (ProtoC, OT2m, T2-301, etc) with GPS Map60's, Nuvi 350's, etc since 2007. Since the Nuvi350/OT2m combination stabilised in 2008, I have pretty well relied on them. However the 350 units are a bit aged and not too friendly with more recent Garmin maps. Typically the newer North American maps require more memory that is available and I found the 350's did not work with some of the new SD cards such as Australian Topo.

      My first upgrade attempt was with a Garmin Montana last year. It worked to display waypoints in NMEA mode, but did not seem to work when set to Garmin serial. Frankly, except for a few interesting features, the Montana is a dog and I went back to my Nuvi's. The GPSMap60C/CSx units allow one to set either NMEA or Garmin mode as well; however waypoints are displayed in both modes. I seem to recall that the 60CSx left duplicate waypoints whereas the plain old 60C did not. However I just checked it again and it seems that the duplicates no longer occur (software upgrade since?).

      More recently I bought a Garmin Nuvi2595LMT as I needed a better automotive unit with larger screen and lifetime maps (the traffic feature is also great). On basis of some discussion on this group last year (e.g. mssg #14920), I thought I would get the FMI-45 cable and try it out with the OT2m. I am using the 45 cable instead of the FMI-15 as it also has the traffic receiver. The 2595 goes into Dispatch mode OK, but does not seem to display waypoints. The OT2m does have 2x20 line display so it is receiving the waypoints, but does not pass them to the 2595. Interestingly it does not receive messages from outside; however one can send out messages. Unfortunately they don't get acknowledged, so it keeps on sending.

      As it was implied on this group that Nuvi 2xx5 and 2xx7 display waypoints (admittedly without too much clarification), I am wondering if there is some problem that I have not addressed. For instance does the OT2m have the ability to handle FMI 2.7, or would a T3 be better? Or is it a case of configuration and settings? I am using the last stable configuration in the OT2m as it allows me to use the display. I tried the beta config, but it does not work either (anyway it currently does not implement the display capability).

      Since the Montana also does not seem to work in Garmin serial mode is it possible that both it and the 2595 use a slightly different Garmin serial protocol than the Nuvi350?

      Graham VE6GW
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