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16072Re: [Bulk] Re: [tracker2] T3-135 Stop digipeating

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    Nov 27, 2013
      l'm sending you the archive to support@...

      Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 5:59 AM
      Subject: [Bulk] Re: [tracker2] T3-135 Stop digipeating


      On the configuration values - some of the values are stored internally in unusual units, and it rounds to the nearest unit when saving.  TXDELAY is stored as byte times, for example, so the resolution is 1/150 second.

      As for the other problem, I've heard some reports of T3s ceasing to receive, but never that quickly that I can recall.  Can you check through the command console to see if it's receiving at all in that state?  If not, can you do a DUMP command *while it's still failing to receive* and send me the output in email?  It'd really help to track it down if there's a bug.


      On 11/24/2013 12:30 PM, jorge33as@... wrote:

      Recently, I installed a T3-135 as digipeater.

      It works pretty well, but when running takes little time, stop digipeating.

      The radio receives correctly.
      The T3-135 emits the scheduled beacon, but not repeat any frames,
      and not answer any remote command.

      I have to turn the radio off and turn it back on, and then returns to work.

      But in the best case, in an hour or an hour and a half fails again.

      I'm using Build 56476.

      I've also noticed when programming the T3-135 and OT3M that some values ​​are recorded incorrectly, you can put the value you want in the TXDELAY box in setup program.

      When the TNC starts, does not have that recorded value, but there is a different one.


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