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16069Re: [tracker2] Which Tracker to use?

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  • KA5TRO
    Nov 26, 2013
      I have the WiFi mesh covered with Linksys routers flashed with OpenMesh/DD-WRT, though it reminds me that I need to come up with a better solution for deploying for EMCOMM.  I have one set up now with a high-gain directional antenna and a medium-gain omni antenna on a tripod, with a waterproof box to hold the router and possibly a battery, and 100’ of CAT6+ cable.
      I thought having the nuvi 350 was a good idea as it can also be used as an interface to read and send APRS messages on the standalone systems.  Didn’t even consider the announce/triangulate option.  I also have TH-D72A HTs which can digipeat and do it while portable, but my idea was to have one or two of these ammo can setups that could be deployed in remote locations or in an EMCOMM situation with a vertical, a battery and solar panel.
      I’m still considering what to do with an RPi.  There are a lot of possibilities.
      Ain’t this hobby fun?  Open-mouthed smile
      73 de KA5TRO
      Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 11:01 AM
      Subject: Re: [tracker2] Which Tracker to use?

      On Fri, 22 Nov 2013, KA5TRO wrote:
      > I am planning to build a couple of ?ammo can? systems with digipeater and tracking capabilities.
      > Going to use the Yaesu VX-150 as the transceiver. I also have Garmin nuvi 350s I want to
      > interface as well. My intention is that these be self-contained systems with 8Ah SLA
      > batteries and everything fittable in the can. I will mount an external BNC jack for antenna
      > connection so that it can be set up closed, and also an external PowerPole connector for
      > connecting solar panel or charger to recharge battery while closed as well. The GPS would be
      > powered from the battery and mounted on the outside of the can when needed, but left in the
      > can if only digi functions are required.

      > I *think* that the OpenTracker+ is probably the best choice here, even though it?s obsolete,
      > due to its digi and Garmin capabilities. I don?t think the OT3m is a good fit due to its
      > size. Is there something else I should consider? One thought I?ve had is to use the
      > OpenTracker USB and a Raspberry Pi as the digi and potentially for other functions, but I?m not
      > keen on having that much power draw in the box.
      > Certainly interested in input here. Nothing set in stone at this point.

      Nuvi 350? Probably OT3m.

      Pi? Well, you could build a WiFi mesh with the Pi, as well as doing
      sound card packet, but you have to had USB WiFi and USB audio.

      Any time you're putting up a digi, having it locate itself and announce
      periodically isn't a bad thing. You might be able to triangulate from it

      Kris Kirby, KE4AHR
      Disinformation Analyst

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