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16022RE: OT3 mini wiring

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  • caanuck
    Nov 8, 2013
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      I have two T3 minis working with Garmin Nuvi 350's Both had to be patched... first one I crossed up the wires and fried the board with dodgy soldering, second one I used dupont connections instead of wiring to the board and when it still didn't work I used the following information from Scott at Argent.  

      This worked for me.

      It might be the port polarity setting - we've only run a few batches of 
      T3-minis and I'm not certain they were all configured the same way.

      PATCH 005fff0104 (followed by a reset) will set TX to inverted, which 
      should be what you want for the FMI cable.



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      Thanks for the replies.

      I did go ahead and check out my radio cable again, and it works fine with an OT3m and the diagnostics in otwincfg. 

      I checked the voltage, and it's got the voltage at the board. The 5v works too. 

      I used otwincfg to test the PTT, and it did NOT key the radio. This must be where the problem lies, I guess. 

      The suggestion to use a breadboard is a good one. Before I ever started tinkering with this I put on pin headers, for the same reason. If my wiring is done correctly, then I'd guess I may have damaged the board. 

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      On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 12:43 AM, <kd0ofx@...> wrote:

      Let me admit first off that I probably lack the understanding and skill-set required to tinker with things that require more than simply plugging in a cable. That said, I just don't seem to understand how to wire the OT3 mini. 

      I'm simply trying to solder on DB9 connectors to match the OT3 so that I can use my existing cables for radio and GPS for now. 

      and those cables are tested and working?
      For the radio, I have Aout to Pin 1, SQL to pin 2, Ain to pin 5, GND to pin 6, and VIN to pin 7.

      looks OK. Don't worry about using SQL until you get the basics working.
      For the GPS I have Arx to pin 2, Atx to pin 3, and GND2 to pin 5. 

      Skip the GPS until you know you can RX/TX. 

      Both of these are connected to known working cables, radio, and Garmin 350, 

      Oops, you already answered question 1.  But it wouldn't hurt to double check.

      Did you put a meter on it and make sure you have 12V (or whatever) on Vin, and have a regulated +5 at the 5V pin?  Did you use otwincfg to generate some audio test tones, and verify that the radio keys up and transmits them?

      Do you see any received data?

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