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16018OT3 mini wiring

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  • rooster4bravo
    Nov 6, 2013
      Let me admit first off that I probably lack the understanding and skill-set required to tinker with things that require more than simply plugging in a cable. That said, I just don't seem to understand how to wire the OT3 mini. 

      I'm simply trying to solder on DB9 connectors to match the OT3 so that I can use my existing cables for radio and GPS for now. 

      For the radio, I have Aout to Pin 1, SQL to pin 2, Ain to pin 5, GND to pin 6, and VIN to pin 7.

      For the GPS I have Arx to pin 2, Atx to pin 3, and GND2 to pin 5. 

      Both of these are connected to known working cables, radio, and Garmin 350, however the radio won't Tx, and the Garmin has that little "disconnected" symbol in the upper right corner. 

      I'm sure I made an obvious error above. I'm just hoping someone could point it out for me. 

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