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15984Re: [tracker2] Nuvi 350 slow to send msg/command to Tracker2

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  • Scott Miller
    Oct 18, 2013
      Make sure you've got the latest firmware on the nuvi. If you still have
      trouble, you could try the 'erase all user data' option - I've seen some
      kind of corrupted message in the outbox keep the nuvi from being able to
      send anything. Also make sure you've got the latest T2 firmware.


      On 10/17/2013 8:08 PM, Teak wrote:
      > I'm using a Nuvi 350 and Tracker 2, interfaced with the Garmin FMI cable
      > and connected to a Yaesu 1900 with the Byonics M5S cable, which provides
      > PTT, data to radio and 8v of power through the mic jack and audio from
      > the radio speaker jack.
      > When I try to send a message using -CALLSIGN or a command using
      > --COMMAND, it takes a long time for the tracker to receive the data. The
      > Nuvi continues to display Sending... in the Outbox.
      > By a long time, I mean 5 minutes or 1/2 hour or more. There does not
      > seem to be a set time, but it's generally not immediate.
      > I've confirmed that the Serial Ports in the configuration are set to
      > 9600 and Garmin (I know they don't both need to be, and that Garmin
      > automatically sets the baud, but I set it just to be sure).
      > Perhaps related: the ACT light blinks 3 times in about 2 seconds, then
      > pauses, then blinks 3 times in 2 seconds, and repeats. When the light
      > blinks, I hear a faint beep. The beep only occurs in the vehicle,
      > whether the engnine is running or not, and not in the shack, where I
      > tested on an FT-7900 and using the same Byonics cable.
      > The system seems work otherwise by sending position packets in
      > accordance to the Smartbeaconing settings and plotting on the GPS screen
      > received packets. I can read the packet data in the "locations" menu. I
      > have not yet attempted to receive message packets.
      > Any thoughts?
      > Thanks
      > Teak Phillips
      > W0TLP
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