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Nuvi 350 slow to send msg/command to Tracker2

  • Teak
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      I'm using a Nuvi 350 and Tracker 2, interfaced with the Garmin FMI cable and connected to a Yaesu 1900 with the Byonics M5S cable, which provides PTT, data to radio and 8v of power through the mic jack and audio from the radio speaker jack.

      When I try to send a message using -CALLSIGN or a command using --COMMAND, it takes a long time for the tracker to receive the data. The Nuvi continues to display Sending... in the Outbox.

      By a long time, I mean 5 minutes or 1/2 hour or more. There does not seem to be a set time, but it's generally not immediate.

      I've confirmed that the Serial Ports in the configuration are set to 9600 and Garmin (I know they don't both need to be, and that Garmin automatically sets the baud, but I set it just to be sure).

      Perhaps related: the ACT light blinks 3 times in about 2 seconds, then pauses, then blinks 3 times in 2 seconds, and repeats. When the light blinks, I hear a faint beep. The beep only occurs in the vehicle, whether the engnine is running or not, and not in the shack, where I tested on an FT-7900 and using the same Byonics cable.

      The system seems work otherwise by sending position packets in accordance to the Smartbeaconing settings and plotting on the GPS screen received packets. I can read the packet data in the "locations" menu. I have not yet attempted to receive message packets.

      Any thoughts?


      Teak Phillips
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