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15968T3-9670 1-watt 70cm 9600 baud data radio - $72 pre-order price

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  • Scott Miller
    Oct 15, 2013
      Hi all,

      In recent years a ton of low-cost high-speed radio modules have hit the
      market, but until now there haven't been any that were compatible with
      existing amateur modulation standards. I recently got my hands on some
      new modules that I was able to get to work with standard 9600 baud G3RUH
      gear. It took a bit of hacking, but the trickery is handled by a
      modified Tracker3 processor that hides the details from the host and
      works as a standard USB KISS TNC.

      Right now we're at the prototype stage and there's still tuning and
      polishing to be done, but everything's looking very good. My bench test
      unit is happily talking to a TH-D7A at 9600 baud and if parts arrive in
      time I'm hoping to fly a 9600 baud balloon payload by the end of the week.

      It's a very small and simple device - just a USB connection, SMA jack
      for an antenna, and a DC jack for optional external power if you want to
      run it as a standalone digipeater. The prototype pictured looks a
      little rough because the end panels are 3D printed. The final product
      should have machined or stamped end panels.

      I'm not sure how much interest there is in such a device, so I'm putting
      it out there as a pre-order item so we can gauge how many we need to
      produce in the first batch, whether it'll be worth stamping the parts,
      and so on. Final price is likely to be a bit higher than the pre-order
      price of $72. We should be shipping by the end of November, and maybe
      even a bit sooner than that.

      I'm planning to make this the first in a series of products that I'm
      hoping will kick-start some higher speed, more advanced APRS networks.

      You can place your pre-order here:


      And if anyone has any ham gear that does higher than 9600 baud that
      they'd like to lend me for compatibility testing, I'd be happy to try it
      out. The modules will do at least 128 kbps talking to each other in
      their native format, but G3RUH compatibility imposes some restrictions
      and I'm not sure yet exactly how fast I'll be able to crank them up and
      still stay compatible.

      Thanks and 73,

      Scott, N1VG
      Argent Data Systems
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