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15954OT3m issues any help would be great!!

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  • digitalmaddog01
    Sep 29 12:47 PM
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      Hello all


      Ive ad the OT3m for some time and finally for it up and running in my f150 using the garmin 350 and had been fine for some time but I had noticed that after an output of aprs data the unit would not work -- well work the transmitter -- htx-242 would still continue to transmit -- I pulled out an ht to fins out what was going on -- seems lie it would transmit the aprs data then it sounds like just like the mic is open and there is a bump bump bump bump I have recorded it and will try to upload the audio of it -- if you listen to it -- that is my aprs data then the bump bump bump -- I killed power to it and you can hear someone else's data ( as being received via an ht )


      I have the radio mounted under the rear seat and had made my own cable to extend the connection to under the dash that has the OT3m - I created the cable out of shielded cat5 cable one end is in the radio the other is connected to the ot3m via a shielded serial connector -- there is the fmi cable connected to it as well I also fitted some rf chokes to the cable I made --


      Im kinda at a loss


      other issue is I wanted to update the f/w figuring that might solve the issue but upon connecting to the computer ( via usb ) and updating through the config program I get an " invalid address 8000 - valid range 0000-8000 ???? wtf --- my firmware is 56294 and wanted to go to the 56398


      thanks for any help



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