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15944Re: [tracker2] Small Affordable Self-Contained APRS?

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  • qrv@kd4e.com
    Sep 27, 2013
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      Have you considered a "sharkfin" type shell?

      They are very common now and less likely to stand out.


      > Oh yeah, I was answering questions about the magmount tracker. I'm
      > hoping to keep it under $160. We'll see how the manufacturing costs for
      > the housing turn out. Batteries, too.
      > Right now, the prototype looks like this, but with magnets on the bottom
      > and an antenna on top:
      > https://www.plumbersstock.com/product/451/3in-slip-cap-abs/
      > For sleep mode, it'd wait until your GPS speed dropped below a set
      > threshold and then shut down (save for optional periodic beacons) until
      > the accelerometer detected motion. The GPS receiver is capable of
      > reduced duty cycle operation in tracking mode, but I don't have any
      > solid data yet on how well it performs in real-world APRS applications
      > that way. If you're going for more than two minutes between beacons, it
      > certainly seems like it would be a good option, if I set it up properly.
      > Scott


      Thanks! & 73, KD4E.com

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