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15941Re: [tracker2] Small Affordable Self-Contained APRS?

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  • Javen O'Neal
    Sep 26, 2013
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      I'm assembling a tracker that will fit in a under-the-seat bag on a bicycle.

      My requirements were:
      1. Frequency-agile with voice operation if needed in an emergency
      2. minimal size
      3. Minimal weight
      4. Minimal cost (theft concern if I want to leave the bike bag attached when my bike is locked up)
      5. Battery life for full day operation

      My setup:
      1. T-3 micro $65
      2. Baofeng UV-3R mark II, $33
      3. External 2600 mAh USB battery, $7
      4. TRRS audio cable to connect radio to tracker, $7
      5. USB extension cable to connect tracker to battery, $2
      6. T-3 micro enclosure made from wood, recycled

      This isn't as clean as Argent's T3-301, but provides frequency agility and voice operation.
      I have yet to see what battery life is like. If current draw from the T-3 is low enough, I may swap out the USB battery for a cable and DC-DC boost converter powered by the UV-3R's 3.7V battery.

      On Sep 22, 2013 5:15 PM, "qrv@..." <qrv@...> wrote:

      "$235 + $5 Shipping --- #RTRAK-HAB"

      "Currently Unavailable!"

      > RTrak HAB

      I'm hoping to keep the cost under $150. as I may want
      to deploy two or three of them.

      Argent Data Systems

      1. Tracker3 Model T3-Mini $40.00
      2. SRB MX145 Transmitter $69.50
      3. GPS GT-525 $38.00
      4. Antenna (incl w/GT-525)
      5. Connecting cables ???


      Thanks! & 73, KD4E.com

      David Colburn - Nevils, Georgia USA

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