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15940Re: [tracker2] Small Affordable Self-Contained APRS?

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  • Bob Burns W9BU
    Sep 27, 2013
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      At 01:18 AM 9/27/2013, Scott Miller wrote:

      >The biggest new addition is a user interface module. The character
      >LCD support in the T2 and OT1+ was very primitive and ad hoc,
      >shoehorned into the APRS parser and built for only one display. The
      >new architecture provides an API that the display manager and a new
      >historian module can use to tap into the APRS data.

      I've been intrigued by the YagTracker, but the lack of a second
      serial port doesn't fit well with how I'd like to use it. I like the
      idea of a standalone tracker with possible connection to a mapping
      GPS receiver to which I can occasionally attach a computer or tablet
      running an APRS client program through a KISS interface. A T3 with an
      informative display and messaging for mobile use would be very
      interesting to me.

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