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15930Re: [tracker2] Small Affordable Self-Contained APRS?

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  • Bob Burns W9BU
    Sep 20, 2013
      At 05:13 PM 9/20/2013, qrv@... wrote:
      >If I needed a small affordable self-contained APRS device to mount
      >somewhat-stealth on a vehicle or a trailer (so it's unlikely to be
      >stolen or vandalized) what would that be?

      An Argent Data T3-301? It's a 5-watt VHF radio with a Tracker 3
      variant built inside.

      Additional parts you'd need are a GPS receiver (an Argent GT-525 will
      do), an antenna, and a power source.

      I have a T2-301 mounted inside a Pelican 1030 case along with a
      GT-525 and an 8-cell AA battery holder. I used a BNC male-to-male and
      a BNC female-to-female to get the antenna connection extended outside
      through a hole in the case (a rubber grommet with a 3/8" inside
      diameter fits a BNC M-M quite well). The GT-525 is hot glued inside the case.

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